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Get Pre ApprovedGet Pre Approved the very first step you need to take, as a home buyer, is getting a pre approved mortgage for your home. How to Get a Home Loan is absolutely essential to being prepared when that perfect Las Vegas home comes along!

We recommend getting a Pre Approved mortgage with Sheila Ledesma at GMC Financial.

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Sheila Ledesma will treat clients the same way we do here at Ratliff/Pittenger Group RE/MAX and have incredible loan programs for every situation. If you’d like to start the quick pre-approval process, simply fill out the form below. Sheila Ledesma with GMC Finance will contact you to complete your pre approved mortgage application.

Most Realtors/agents won’t even show prospective Las Vegas home buyers available property without a pre approval letter.  Without speaking to a lender about their financial and personal information, neither the prospective buyer nor the Realtor/agent knows how much the buyers can qualify for or what type of loan they will be getting and it’s pointless to even start looking at properties.

Mortgage Approval Las Vegas letter is simply a letter from a lender stating that the Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) has reviewed your financial and personal information (income, asset, liabilities, employment, residence, identity, etc…) and that based on the findings from an automated underwriting system (AUS), the borrower meets the loan programs minimum requirements based on the information that has been provided.  It is just a conditional Bank Home Loan Approval that is contingent on a whole lot of other things happening and a boatload of even more documentation being provided.

Many prospective Las Vegas home buyers think that all they have to do is tell an MLO how much they make, where they work and how great their credit history is and voila, Get Pre Approved.  While some MLO’s may give you a Mortgage Approval Las Vegas their borrowers that way that is most certainly not how I do it.

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Mortgage Approval Las Vegas lending environment has become extremely complicated and convoluted in so many ways and it is now more stringent than it has been in years. A brief conversation on the phone with a prospective home borrower about their finances and other personal information is not enough information in order to determine a borrower’s qualifications or credit worthiness and actually, it never has been.

In an effort to make an accurate assessment of a house borrower’s qualifications and credit worthiness, an MLO needs to review a borrower’s, income and asset information (pay stubs & bank statements) as well as their liabilities (credit report). Furthermore, an MLO needs to verify a borrower’s employment, residence, identity, social security identification, tax returns as well as their funds needed to close escrow.

Without reviewing all of this documentation, an MLO can not accurately determine if a borrower meets all of the lenders requirements as well as the guidelines for the Bank Home Loan program that the borrower is applying for. If the borrower’s qualifications don’t meet the lenders requirements as well as the program guidelines, they don’t have a chance in the world of getting a loan or closing on an escrow.  PERIOD!!!

Get Pre Approved is just the first step to getting into escrow and it is by no means the last time the home borrower will need to get approval or the last time the borrower will need to provide documentation.  Once again, Get Pre Approved is just the beginning but it is where every prospective homeowner needs to start if they ever plan on buying a home and getting to the closing table.

Today’s real estate market can be really scary, which is why it’s important to get as much information as possible before starting the Las Vegas home search.  The Mortgage Approval Las Vegas approved process is not a simple process and borrowers today need affordable loan options that are best suited for their own needs.

Furthermore, it’s absolutely vital that they work with a seasoned MLO and lender that knows what it takes to not only close a loan transaction but one who can also ward off issues that invariable come up and get the transaction back on track and to the closing table Get Pre Approved.

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