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Las Vegas Relocation Guide

  • Las Vegas RelocationLas Vegas Relocation?  If you’re thinking about Relocate Assistance or retiring in Southern Nevada, you’ll find Relocating Guide the resources listed below to be immensely helpful.
  • Jobs to search the employment classifieds for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Nevada Sun.
  • Taxes Personal Income Tax: None. Estate, Inheritance, Gift Taxes: None. Sales Tax: By county. In Clark County, 7.75% on most purchases with groceries and prescription drugs not taxed.
  • Property Tax: The constitutional limit on property tax is $6 per $100 of assessed valuation. The current weighted average property tax within the state is $2.79 per $100 of assessed valuation.
  • The state offers assistance to people 62 and older, based on income and length of residence in the state. Corp. Income Tax: None. Franchise Tax: None. Unitary Tax: None. Admissions Tax: None. Capital Stock Tax: None. Inventory Tax: None.
  • Business Tax: Employers pay approximately $100 per year per each employee (sole proprietors exempt). Unemployment Compensation Tax: Employers pay 0.3 – 5.4% on the first $14,500 of salary paid to an employee during the calendar year.
  • Corporate Fees: Paid annually on July 1 to the office of the Secretary of State. Business License: Paid annually to local government. Note: This information is as accurate Relocate Assistance and up-to-date as we could make it, but is subject to change.
  • Consult your tax advisor before making any financial decisions. Cost Of Living Click here to display the cost of living tables Relocate Assistance prepared by the Nevada Development Authority.
  • Population Click here to display population figures and other U.S. Census Bureau data for Clark County. Per Capita Income The median income for a 4-person family living in Nevada in 2002 was $46,289, a 19% increase since 1990, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Relocating Guide.

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Call Las Vegas Relocation Ratliff Realty Group with RE/MAX. We understand how relocating can be very stressful to your family and yourself.

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