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Short Sales Short sales with the current state of our economy, all segments of the housing market are being affected – Even the high end,  Las Vegas luxury property.

Many of these homeowners are finding themselves hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars upside down on their property with nowhere to turn. At that point, walking away seems to be the only option, but we can help. The banks do not want to foreclose if it is avoidable – Even if the write off is large.

When dealing with luxury short sales of this caliber, it is extremely important that you have a team with the experience needed and a proven track record of closing their deals. Our team has built the relationships needed within the banks, and understands what it takes to close these type deals while making sure you are fully protected in the process.

We Offer a Solution!

If you are located within Southern Nevada, we can work with you to list and sell the property, along with handling all of the negotiations with the bank.

Luxury property short sales can be handled discreetly (no signs, lock boxes, open houses, etc) and your confidentiality, privacy, security and discretion will be put first.

There is no cost to you as the homeowner for the sale of your Clark County Nevada home. We are only compensated by the banks, when the transaction closes. All of the standard closing fees involved with a short sales will also be covered by your lien holder.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are working for you towards the sale of your Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada property. We are NOT investors looking to purchase your luxury property at a below market price. Many investors are offering their services and attempting to purchase the home below market value in order to sell the property for a profit.

The banks are completing appraisals on the properties and rarely accepting below market offers. Our goal is to sell the property at top dollar, to minimize the loss to the bank. By doing so, it makes it easier in our negotiations to get you the full release of any deficiency balances and lowers any possible tax implications you could face.

Remember, while no short sales is easy, luxury property of this caliber require a high level of expertise. Contact our team today to discuss your options and begin moving towards a solution.

Short Sales Foreclosure Help!

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