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Las Vegas listing agentLas Vegas Listing Agent is a professional Real Estate Agency or Realtor® who is experienced or specialized in helping sellers market a home. Las Vegas Listing Agent services include helping you determine the real market value of your home, helping you market the home, and aiding you in the closing process of that home.

Las Vegas RE/MAX Real Estate Agency does make a difference

A Las Vegas listing agent should have a strong Homes for Sale marketing plan. You will want as many potential buyers to view your home as possible. Las Vegas Listing Agent should be networked well and have a strong technology background because so much marketing is done on the internet and via email these days.  Ratliff Realty Group – RE/MAX Realtor RE/MAX Realtor team has worked with many Las Vegas home sellers.

Las Vegas Listing Agent understands the processes involved and the emotions sellers feel as they work through that process. Ratliff Realty Group RE/MAX Realtor will help you as your Las Vegas listing agent to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the highest price possible, and with the least amount of inconvenience. Call Ratliff Realty Group RE/MAX Realtor.

Two of the biggest mistakes home sellers make when choosing a listing agent are selecting an agent solely based on:

  1. Highest List Price for Your Home
  2. Lowest Commission

At first glance, a seller might say, “What? Are you nuts?” Because sellers want the highest possible price and to pay the least amount of commission. But those two criterion have very little to do with hiring a competent agent and, in many instances, are completely irrelevant. Let’s look at why.

The Highest Suggested List Price

Agents can’t tell you how much your home will sell for. That’s a fallacy. A listing Real Estate Agency can show you comparable sales, pending sales and active sales. But YOU choose the sales price and a buyer will tell you if the price is right.

  • To get the listing, some agents distort the truth.Since agents can’t guarantee your sales price, the listing agent who suggests the highest price is probably untruthful. Ask the agent to show you numbers supporting that suggested list price. They probably won’t have them or the home sales will be located in a different neighborhood.
  • Look for a listing agent who gives you a range.There is always a price range. It might be apart $10,000 on the low-end versus the high, or the spread might be greater. Many factors determine the range, among which are location, temperature of the market and improvements.
  • Pricing is an art.The best time for an offer is within the first 30 days on market. If the home is priced right, you’ll get an offer. If it’s priced too high, you might not get any showings at all; buyers will shun your home and you’ll eventually end up reducing the price, leaving buyers wondering what’s wrong with your house.

Real Estate Agency

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Title: Las Vegas Listing Agent
Reviewed by Billy Meyers on Mar 29
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Outstanding Realtor!
Description: Listed my home and Robert with RE/MAX did a great job. Great negotiation skills and knows how to market. Very satisfied.

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